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 The Environmental Education Center offers many opportunities for community involvement and environmental stewardship.  Pictured above are youth earning community service learning credit preparing the grounds for planting the annual community vegetable garden.  

The community vegetable garden is made possible through the generous volunteerism of residents, student groups from local schools, and members of the Cobbs Creek Junior Docent  program.  Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, students and community residents plant, weed, cultivate, and harvest vegetables providing fresh produce to the community free of charge.  This is just one of the benefits the Environmental Center provides for its supporters and patrons.  Stop by the Center and enjoy fresh produce in late summer and fall.  

700 Cobbs Creek Parkway @63rd & Catharine Streets

Philadelphia, PA 19143

The Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center in 2015.

 In November of 1991, the West Philadelphia community  convened at a town watch meeting to discuss the future of the abandoned  stable at 63rd and Catharine Streets.  The Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation, formerly known as the Fairmount Park Commission, welcomed the involvement of the Cobbs Creek community and under the very capable leadership of Mrs. Carole Williams-Green, a former science teacher and retired science supervisor, the community decided to convert the dilapidated stable into an environmental education center since West Philadelphia, unlike other Fairmount Park properties, did not have an environmental center. Mrs. Green assembled a steering committee, comprised of dedicated volunteers from community, government, and businesses, and thus began the legacy of the Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center, Incorporated.  What began as an abandoned stable, under Mrs. Green's leadership, mushroomed into a state-of-the-art environmental education center.  The Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center today is an historic building with meeting rooms, classrooms, administrative offices, science laboratories, eat-in kitchen, elevator, and exhibition space.  The building’s location in the stream valley, well removed from the busy streets nearby, provides an idyllic setting for the pursuit of environmental education.

The Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center is situated in an historic building in the midst of the Darby/Cobbs Watershed surrounded by Cobbs Creek, an outdoor amphitheater with seating capacity for seventy-five, three urban demonstration gardens: a community vegetable garden, the Von Colln Memorial Garden, and a Butterfly Garden, a meadow, Naylors Run Wetland, and three trails: North Trail, South Trail, and the Bridge to Upper Darby. 

The Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center is comprised of 965 acres serving as
a natural laboratory for outdoor education to teach and learn STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) literacy, problem-based hands-on science, and environmental conservation and stewardship.