Ad hoc consultants

Frank Canty, ESQ.

Edwin L. Goff, PhD
Michael Lomax

Adjunct Advisors 

Dr. Jamie Bracey (Temple U)         Lynette Brown-Sow        

       Wendell Holland, ESQ.       

 Paul J. Scattolini


           J. H. Chitwood                      Dolly Cumber

         de facto Treasurer

Ambra Hook

    Jacqueline B. Williams

Board of Directors: 2015

Carole Williams-Green: co-FOUNDER


Edwin L. Goff, PhD

Vice President, de Jure

DR. ANN G. WAITERS/George Ambrose

Nominal Vice presidents

Kathleen Williams

Recording Secretary

craig whitney

nominal Treasurer 'ad libitum'

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Check out the Junior Docent  page for more information about the Junior Docent Internship.

Marcus Baldwin, Parkway Center City, speaks on behalf of docents at the closing ceremony.

JUNIOR DOCENT PROGRAM: 2015: Miss Onyekere assisting students with a watershed model.