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Strategic Interventions

Is your situation at work more than just stressful?  Unfortunately, one person can make it difficult for another to work in by making suggestive remarks, exhibiting offensive behavior, intimidation and abuse. Workplace discrimination remains a big problem in the country.

Discrimination can come in many forms and it can even be subtle or overt. Racial, age and sex discrimination occur too often in the workplace. No one wants to work in an abusive work environment in Philadelphia, PA. Some employers don’t address your complaints hoping you will quit.

This isn’t right.

You have rights as an employee against discrimination and harassment. Sexual harassment should never be tolerated. It is unwelcome and inappropriate. You deserve to feel comfortable at work without fearing harassment every day you work. We work with sexual harassment victims who are dealing with emotional injuries.

 Workplace bullying is annoying and frustrating. It is repeated mistreatment from others in the workplace. Workplace bullies try to intimidate, humiliate and degrade in front of other workers. Anyone can be a bully.  Bosses can bully employees. Employees can bully peers. It is a misuse of power and can leave the victim feeling helpless and defenseless in the face of injustice. Practical Change will provide the support and tools you need to resolve issues at work.

Many people fear workplace retaliation and therefore are afraid to make complaints. Workplace retaliation leaves people feeling afraid. The correct strategies are needed to deal with workplace retaliation when you have a legitimate complaint. For businesses that need intervention we encourage teamwork to open more lines of communication and be more productive.

People desire to work in an environment where they feel respected.  Strategic intervention remains critical to business growth.